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Donnese is an active, working mother of two who thought she was experiencing intense acid reflux on October 5, 2022, during a Mothers' Club meeting at her son’s high school. Donnese was convinced, by one of the moms who is a nurse practitioner, to go to the ER where the doctors discovered she experienced a SCAD (spontaneous coronary artery dissection) which caused a heart attack.  Several tests were run during her four (4) day hospital stay, that determined that she did not have any clogged arteries, no cholesterol issues, no underlying conditions other than hypertension and no family history of heart disease.  SCAD survivors are usually young, active, healthy women because unlike a “traditional” heart attack, caused by a blockage due to plaque buildup over a lifetime, SCAD is a completely distinct and different artery blockage resulting from a tear in the lining of an artery wall caused by stress and hormones.


Donnese was recently featured on WUSA-9 morning news, WJLA-7 mid-day news, NBC-4 nightly news, Good Morning America (GMA) and was a panelist for the American Heart Association (AHA) & Suburban Hospital’s 21st Annual Women’s Health Symposium and she is forming Team Tyler for the AHA Lawyers Have Heart 5k in DC on May 20, 2023.  Donnese is looking for donations, sponsors and maybe even endorsements to help her continue to share her story, inspire others, and save lives.

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Contact: Crystal Bozeman



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