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The Big 5-0!! (#J2FA50)

May 6, 1971 at 3:14p, I entered this world!! That's right! 50 years ago today I was born!! It's going to take me a minute to get used to saying that. I'm Fiddy! I'm half a century. I'm the big 5-0! WOW! When I was little I thought 50 was old, old. I'm so thankful to see this day and doubly thankful that I don't LOOK nor FEEL 50 anymore!! I made the decision to REMOVE excess weight from my body by the time I turned 50 and I did just that. From this point forward I'm going to say REMOVED the weight because I do NOT want to FIND it ever again!!

I removed 36lbs from my body as a gift to ME for My 50th Birthday. I no longer feel the aches and pains that I thought were a result of aging and the effects of years and years of dancing and then singing and dancing in a band every weekend in 3 inch heels. I'm so glad that I realized that something had to change. I realized I had to do something different because what I had been trying over and over again, year after year, wasn't working.

I never paid attention to how much my weight fluctuated, until I made up my mind to remove the weight for good.

When I got on the scale and saw that I was less than 20lbs away from 200lbs I knew things had really gotten out of control and something had to change.

I am so thankful for my good friend Jackie Knox-Brown and her decision to share her journey on social media. Her decision to be transparent and share was a tremendous blessing to me. Learning and following the Habits of Health program, with Jackie as my Coach, along with

Kim Teri and the other amazing Coaches, I will NEVER be that size or weigh that much again!! I am ever so grateful!! My relationship with food has changed. My cravings have reduced significantly and I now know what to eat, what NOT to eat and when to eat. I know what works for me and what doesn't work for me. I know and immediately feel how my body responds to food. I know that the pain I was experiencing in my knees and my foot was being caused by inflammation. Inflammation caused by my poor food choices. I am ashamed by how much I had let my body go. I'll admit that I am not as active as I used to be. I fact I will have to say I'm down right LAZY "in my old age". And working out has become a bit of a chore to me. But now I am living proof of the concept that weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise, because I removed this weight SOLELY based on what I was eating. I didn't start walking again until April and I'm not even doing that as often as I should be.

I'm still a work in progress. What you see now is my Spring/Birthday body. Now it's time for me to refocus, start working out more, so that I can achieve my SUMMER BODY!! Let's see what I can achieve in the next 30 Days. Can I be Summer Body Ready by June 7th?!? We'll see. Let's Go!!!

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