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Back to School!

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

As of Tuesday, September 4th, both of my boys are now back to school!! Many parents love this time of year because for 2- 3 months (summer), they've had to figure out what to do with their children from 6a - 6p while they are at work. When school is in session all they have to worry about is before and/or after-care. I GET IT! It's tough and it can be very expensive. Especially if you have young children (infant - 10 yo) and work outside of the home. I remember those days. But as for me, we're just one week in (with them both back in school), and I miss summer ALREADY! Back to School (B2S) for me is just the opposite! B2S brings on the STRESS! It's 10 months of morning ciaos, lack of sleep and hectic schedules - 5:30a wake up, "time to get up!", "didn't you hear your alarm?", "move with a sense of urgency please!", "what are you gonna eat for breakfast/lunch?", "make sure you have this/that.", "we've gotta go!" And then it's a mad dash to the bus stop, because Lord knows, if my oldest misses the bus, that means I'd have to take BOTH boys to school and that in turn "Jacks" my entire day up. Once I get them on their respective buses (6:35a & 7:06a) I then try to get any needed grocery shopping done (since my youngest's bus stop is in the Safeway parking lot, it only makes sense, right?) and then get some type of cardio in, before/while I start work (even though I desperately just want to go back home and crawl back into the bed because this is the time of the year that I suffer from my "self diagnosed" condition of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder - more about this later) I am so very thankful that I have a full-time job working from home (WFH), but WFH can be both a blessing and a curse! Because I'm "home" I'm the one responsible for getting my boys to and from doctor's appointments, I receive the "I forgot this/that" phone calls and feel obligated to "help" them out, or it's the School Nurse/Trainer calling to come pick them up because of illness/injury. These "monkey wrenches" usually mess me up completely! When it comes to my daily schedule, I usually have it planned out down to the minute, so when something throws me off schedule it usually frustrates me to no end! BUT I am aware of this flaw and I'm trying to become more flexible and understand that things happen. I try my best to fit in as much as I can each day to ensure things are done in a timely fashion. So when something unexpected occurs, that throws me off schedule, I know I have to learn to adapt and adjust instead of getting upset. I'm working on it!!

Then we have the late afternoon/evenings that are CRAZY too!! I have to coordinate after-school pick ups each week, between my Hubby or family/friend because of Cross Country/Track practice and Baseball try-outs/practice/games. This is when I take my hat off to single parents or families with more than two (2) children involved in extra curricular activities. Neither of my boys' school has an after-school activity bus. And neither school is in walking distance from the house. Their schools are 30+ minutes away, in the opposite direction from each other. And both boys finish practice between 5p - 6p which means we are smack dab in the middle of Rush Hour traffic, so this increases the commute to about 1-hour One-way. The boys have NEVER gone to the same school, so we are always going in different directions in the afternoon. I'm thankful though that Hubby is involved and willing to help with pick-ups because I have witnessed some spouses who don't help out at ALL! So all of the stress falls on one parent. I would love to participate in some sort of group exercise activity in the evening i.e. dance, yoga, water aerobics, but SHOOT, I ain't gonna lie. A sister be tired!!

So NOW let's discuss the first item on my list from last week's post, that I am committing to CHANGE!! That's Health/Weight! I'm just gonna put it out there. I need to lose 20-25 lbs. I realize this isn't going to happen overnight (even though I seem to GAIN it overnight, ugghh!!!). Growing up I never had an issue with my weight (always dancing), but I will admit, I am having difficulty with it now. Whenever I set a GOAL, I'm able to commit to a work-out routine, diet plan, etc. to achieve the desired goal (date). But then once the GOAL weight or size has been reached, I stop working out, stop eating right and within 90 days, all of the weight (and then some) returns. That's when I said okay enough is enough. This cycle is insane! I'm going to have to figure out what works for me. A Lifestyle!! I recently entered and won 2nd place in a SLIM Down contest drinking AdvoCare SLIM which helps manage appetite and supports weight management. It's a supplement you drink before breakfast and after lunch. It definitely helped jump start my weight loss regimen. And in addition to drinking AdvoCare SLIM, I've been practicing Intermittent Fasting. I only eat between the hours of Noon - 8p (which means I fast from 8p to Noon the following day) Monday - Friday. So far this has been something I've been able to stick with because I'm not DIETING. I'm not cutting carbs or sugars or anything else out of my diet because I've realized that depriving myself of foods makes me crave them even more. And then once I start consuming those "items" again, the weight comes right back. So instead, I'm trying to focus on making healthier choices and/or eating things in moderation. I've lost 7-8 lbs from doing this (2 months), so I'm pleased. Walking 3 miles, twice a week, is good, but it is just helping me to maintain. That's not enough activity to help contribute to my weight loss. Having a dancing background, I really enjoy and get my ENTIRE LIFE at The Get Down - Mondays & Wednesdays at 7p at the Glenarden Recreation Center. BUT, I haven't been in almost 2 months because of scheduling conflicts and the fact that my right foot has been killing me (toe and heel pain). I have an appointment this Friday with the Orthopedic/Podiatrist to figure out what the heck is going on. So I'll keep you posted. So for the next 7-days, I'm going to commit to a minimum of 30 mins of activity five (5) days a week and Intermittent Fasting. I need to place an order for the AdvoCare SLIM (because I'm out), so in the mean time I'm going to be mindful of my appetite and definitely make sure I'm drinking lots of water (min of 8-8oz glasses a day).

Have a Great Week! And I'll chat with you all in 7 days!!


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